24 January 2011

What makes Messina Quartz Exclusive?

Messina became famous for it's quartz. It is by far the most abundant and attractive mineral from a collectors standpoint because of the habits and varieties of size and groups, together with several colourful secondary mineral inclusions. The inclusions of shattuckite, papagoite and ajoite are in particular spectacular. The brecciation of the ore bodies provided the space for crystals, in some cases almost 1 m long. The Messina Mine (No. 5 Shaft) is in well known for its wealth in beautiful quartz crystals ranging from mircoscopic to a metre in size. Coubly terminated crystals over 10 cm in length have often been found. Almost all of the larger crystals are zoned inernally and one can find over a dozen phantom layers in some crystals. These zones consist of minute layers of hematite, kaolinite, edidote and chlorite. Clear euhedral quartz is commonly found as an outer layer over a zoned core which is coated by hematite, epidote, talc, sericite, chlorite, zeolites, malachite or azurite. The presence of flaky specular hematite gives a striking sparkle to the well-formed clear crystals. Hollow kaolinic spherules are also sometimes found inside the core of quartz crystals. A feature of the quartz crystals is that many are doubly terminated also the large crystal in a group is sometimes encirled by a peripheral halo of small crystals.

The quartz also occasionally partially or completely covered with calcite. The colour of the calite ranges from bright yellow or orange to white. Also large groups of calcite have been found in the Messina mines.Messina Quartz is a brand of quartz crystals with inclusions of many types of minerals.
- Source: Bruce Cairncross

The quartz crystals found in Messina always have some sort of inclusion which makes these crystals absolutely special to collectors. Amongst Ajoite and Papagoite inclusion in quartz crystals, a number of other mineral inclusions in clear quartz is also found.

Specularite Hematite in Quartz
Clear Quartz Crystals with inclusions of Black Hematite, Red Hematite, Specularite Hematite and Koalinite are just a few of these mineral values to mention. Amongst the perfect quartz growth in crystal we also found some floaters, clusters and various rare growth crystals and most of these quartz crystals is self healed and even double terminated.

Limonite in Quartz
 We acknowledge the fact that clear quartz is commonly available all over the word and also respects the fact that there are better quality in clear quartz available, but the fact that our quartz crystals all have inclusions in quartz is what makes our quartz crystals unique and rare. 

Ison-Rosen on Quartz

In some cases we found some really ULTRA rare specimens such as eisen-rosen (Very rare Black Hematite Growth) and Limonite in Quartz Crystal. The quartz crystals from Messina, South Africa show unique and distinctive values that can only be described as rarities. 

Below is a list of minerals identified in Messina, South Africa.

Hematite variety specularite*
Muscovite variety sericite*
Muscovite variety fuchsite

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Metaphysical values of Papagoite

Papagoite in Quartz Crystal.
  Robert Simmons writes: Just as its cousin Ajoite is known for transforming negative energy into positive, so Papagoite seems to transform sorrow into happiness. I am filled with a sense of well-being when I hold the stone. There is also a sense of being in harmony, of being at one with the flow of the Universe, so that there is no need to try to 'push the river.' The sorrow thus transformed is not denied - rather, the acceptance of it within your expanded awareness can heal the pain and release the joy.

Papagoite activates your psychic abilities and facilitates such activities as out-of-body travel. It stimulates the third-eye chakra and enhances all the intuitive capacities. If one continues to work with Papagoite, one will experience the opening of the crown chakra and ultimately its linkage to the nonphysical chakras in the etheric body. This is an experience that moves beyond the initial experience of the 'cloud' of consciousness. As the etheric links are established, one moves into a condition wherein the cloud 'solidifies' into a 'crystal' - a many-pointed energy form with very specific focal points and extension into higher dimensions.
Thus Papagoite assists one in building the Merkabah Vehicle of Light. Through this, oneness with All-That-Is can be experienced. The sense of oneness engendered by Papagoite is so tangible that it creates a spontaneous compassion, for others and for oneself. The sense of 'us versus them' disappears, and it truly becomes possible to love, or at least feel empathy for, one's 'enemies.' Meditating with this stone, one feels enhanced awareness of the beauty of the All, in every manifestation.
Papagoite works wonderfully when paired with its cousin, Ajoite. It also harmonizes with Anandalite (for enhancement of Divine bliss), Elestial Calcite, Coracalcite, Natrolite, Celestite, Danburite, Herderite, Brookite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Lithium Quartz and all forms of Azeztulite. To get your Papagoite in Quartz Crystal today visit http://www.shop.messinaquartz.com/

Source: Heaven and Earth

Metaphysical values of Ajoite.

Ajoite in Quartz Crystal.
Ajoite is known in the metaphysical world as a stone of peace and harmony. It is said to help release and overcome sorrow, anger, fear, and heal old emotional wounds. Ajoite is also said to help connect to the Higher Self and God/Universe/Goddess/All That Is, and be excellent for meditation. Ajoite is noted in metaphysics to be able to remove and release negative energies from the physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. It is said to act as a stone of transformation, bringing change and growth. Ajoite is related to and excellent for work with the throat and heart chakras. Ajoite is a great stone for spiritual healers and spiritual seekers, and is said to be avery powerful healing booster. Ajoite is usually related to the throat and heart chakras. To get your Ajoite crystal today please visit http://www.shop.messinaquartz.com/

Source: Robyn A. Harton

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22 January 2011

New website launced for Messina Quartz and Minerals

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